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Train 21 months boy now or later?

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Dreamcatcher007 Tue 21-Apr-20 15:20:12

Looking for some views on whether it’s significantly quicker and easier to potty train a baby now using the lockdown when I have a week off, or wait till he’s 24-30 months or even older when most kids are potty trained? I don’t want to spend 2 weeks in stress catching wees and pops all over the carpets, but if it’ll be the same anyway, then now is the better time to do it...

My LB is 21 months now, sometimes tells us when he will be pooping but not 100% accurately, and doesn’t always tell us when he has done a poop. Not sure he has any awareness of weeing except that it’s wet after if he doesn’t have a nappy on.

Also - would the majority here recommend Oh Crap potty training method (no pants for ages, no rewards), or Gina Ford/Amanda Jenner method (training pants + reward charts)?

I know some babies are super quick to potty train and some can take some time, but without trying, I think I’ll make a decision on majority views and assume that he’ll be “average” smile Thanks so much!!

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Starfish1234 Wed 22-Apr-20 22:00:44

Have potty trained 2 boys.
First at 2.5yrs and one at 21months.
21mo ‘got it’ much faster, less accidents and much more eager to please.
2.5yr old was more stubborn, had more accidents and it was generally more stressful.
Followed ‘oh crap’ book. In my case what she says about age and ease of training was right.

Dreamcatcher007 Wed 22-Apr-20 22:35:56

Oh interesting, thank you!

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Minai Fri 24-Apr-20 21:03:12

I only have experience potty training Ds1 recently at 2.10 months. I didn’t feel he was at all ready until quite recently. I read oh crap and thought it would be hellish chasing him around with a potty and dealing with puddles of wee but I didn’t have any of this. I just told him he didn’t need nappies any more and he would be using a potty now and he got it straight away and he just went straight from nappies to using a potty with no issues. I think him being that bit older really made a difference and it has been so easy so far. I think it would have been much harder a few months earlier so from my experience I would say wait a bit.

GazC85 Fri 15-May-20 15:44:05

As stressful and tiring as it is, we've done it over lockdown for no other reason than when else would we have a time where we are solely focused on our time at home with out LB. At 23 months and after 4 weeks he's taking his trousers down and telling us when he needs to go.

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