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That first wee/poo on the potty

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mamablondie Mon 20-Apr-20 18:14:57


We are following a potty training program that encourages introducing the potty while the nightly bath is running, waiting for them to go and then praising them to the max. The whole program seems good and I’m keen to try it, I just wondered what people have done to encourage that very first wee/poo?

My daughter has been great at sitting, both clothed and now without. But tonight had an accident (wee) and then did a poo in the bath face palm I tried not to make a fuss etc but how can I now get her to wee or poo in the potty for the first time? I feel like if she does it once I can make her understand it’s the right thing to do.


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Babdoc Mon 20-Apr-20 20:34:46

My two DDs never liked the potty and much preferred a child seat on the loo. I think they felt more “grown up” using what Mum used. And they loved helping to flush it away, shouting “Bye bye pee pee!”” with great glee. The secret is not to try too early, so they don’t get disheartened with repeated accidents.

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