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Sitting down to poo

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Kle209 Sun 12-Apr-20 19:52:31

We’re only on day 3 of potty training using the oh crap method with my DS (26months) and wees are going great. Basically no accidents and we’ve even been out for a little walk with no problems.

However, he won’t sit down to do either a wee or a poo. I don’t mind that he stands for wees, and since that’s going so well I don’t want to mess with a winning formula.

But it’s a problem for poos. He did a poo standing up today, and started running off before it had dropped so it ended up on the floor. He gets really upset when it’s not in the potty. He will sit down on the potty, but only if he’s not actually doing anything.

Anyone got any tips to help persuade him to sit down to do a poo? I had a bit of success with letting him play with a rain stick yesterday but then once he’d pooed he freaked out and did the second half of his poo in his trousers. Today he just wouldn’t sit down when he was actually pooing, and if I sat him down he completely freaked out. He’ll sit very happily watching TV but no poo will come with the TV on. I’ve tried a book, but that didn’t work. I’ve tried showing him with a doll which he loved but became a bit too much of a game.

I appreciate its very very early days, and maybe he’ll just get it on his own, but any ideas to help us would be most welcome!

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