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3 year old - should I push it?

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teaontap Sat 11-Apr-20 12:45:37


My son has just turned 3 and with all the isolation I thought now would be a great time to potty train him. I know from previous attempts that he is fully capable of knowing when he needs a wee and being able to do one on the potty. With previous attempts we only stopped because he was trying to purposely force wee's out every 5 mins to get another sticker. He tells us when he's done a wee or poo in his nappy and says he wants to be changed and he also waits hours in-between wee's and waits to do a big wee.

So all the signs say he's ready.. but he's so stubborn! He is determined not to use the potty and keeps purposely wetting himself so that he doesn't have to sit on it, he tells me before he does the wee but won't sit on the potty. I really don't know what to do. Our life is usually a lot more hectic so the current situation would be an amazing time to get this sorted but I don't no how to convince him to use the potty. We have tried a potty training book which he relates with, understands and happily talks about how the kids in it use the potty really well. We also offer stickers as a reward for using the potty.

I just really don't know what else to try, any ideas? I don't want to push him if he isn't ready but I feel like he is ready and is actually just being lazy with it. Has anyone been in a similar situation?

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Indecisivelurcher Wed 15-Apr-20 18:56:30

Ah ha op, I came on to start a thread about whether to embark on potty training. How are you getting on? Tricky that your ds doesn't want to sit on the potty. Not sure what to suggest. I suspect taking the pressure off, but easier said than done. My ds is similarly stubborn, one of my worries is that I'll start, he won't be keen, and I'll get into this situation. My ds will be 3 in May. He's not really showing many signs of potty training readiness, not like my Dd did. Ds doesn't consistently tell me when he needs to go, he'll flat out deny poos because he doesn't want to have a change, and will wet through a nappy with a single giant wee then have a melt down. This doesn't sound promising I know, but I think some of it is stubborness and not wanting to leave his game so in some ways he'll be happier to use a toilet instead. He's got great language and can do his own trousers etc. And this is just such a great time to go for it, before he starts preschool in Sept. I'm really on the fence...

neenaj Sat 02-May-20 10:25:13

Same situation!! 😑 hes 3yr 1 month so following this thread.. as he attempts a poo on potty. Please update if there's any improvement xx good luck!

Indecisivelurcher Sat 02-May-20 11:09:57

@neenaj there's a more active thread called potty training under lockdown

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