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Dribble before potty

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musicaljojo Mon 06-Apr-20 14:03:40

We started training our 3y 1month little boy, just before lockdown as he was showing all signs.
He is doing fantastically well, he’s dry at night, mostly telling us when a poo is coming but we seem to have a problem with wees.

Unless we remind him to go, he seems to wait and then do a small dribble in his pants and then manages hold it whilst he runs to the potty, it’s never a full accident but wet enough for a change of pants.

Is this a stage they go through or is there something I can do to help? I keep saying we need to get to the potty before the wee comes out, I don’t want to punish but at the same time, I feel he needs to be told that this isn’t right, if that makes sense.

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UpsAndDowns13 Mon 06-Apr-20 21:52:52

I don't have any advice but we had the same with our DD (2yr3m). After a week or two she started making it in time and all was fine. However two months later and we're having a regression and back to having a little dribble every time before she realises it's coming. I suspect she's just too busy playing and leaves it too long, but also hates being prompted. I'm hanging in there and hoping she gets it again. Hopefully your DS will too!

Doje Mon 06-Apr-20 21:58:33

I experienced this with my DS, it got better in time. In my (non medical!) opinion, it means they are controlling their wee which is a good thing. They just need to get used to that feeling of really needing to go, and realising what they need to do!

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