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Should I continue??

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midgetem Mon 06-Apr-20 13:57:26

So I decided whilst under lockdown to potty training my DS, he is 2yr5mth. Day one I thought he was doing well. Sat on toilet every 30 minutes and by the afternoon he would do wee, and get a chocolate button. Day 2, he just refused to sit on potty, but if I did put him in there when he showed signs of needing to go he would wee. Now we're on day 3 and he seems to be holding it in. Didn't wee all morning, got him on potty at 12.30 and he did a big wee, we sat down for lunch and at the end of that he had wet himself, so now I'm wondering if he isn't fully ready and whether I should give up or continue trying?

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Peripeteia Mon 06-Apr-20 14:05:12

I might not be popular for saying this OP but if you don’t think he’s ready I’d leave it a while. I persisted with my eldest after all the advice I received was to do so. Ended up being a total nightmare and dragging on for months. Did the complete opposite with my second. Tried and stopped a couple of times and by the time he was ready he did it in a few days. Good luck!

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