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Potty training help!

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NuffSaidSam Sun 05-Apr-20 19:36:39

Get rid of the pull ups.

mummytobabygirl17 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:51:41

Hi everyone

Hope you can help.
My DD is nearly 2 and a half and was doing so well using the potty for every wee at home. And nursery she was sitting on the toilet and has done a couple of weeks there, She gets a little nervous.

All of a sudden she doesn’t want to do anything on the potty and it using her pull ups every time she needs to go.

She seems nervous of the potty. We always keep it positive and have lots of books and try to make it fun for her with her sticker chart.

Any tips please ok how to get her used to it again as we have plenty of time on our hands at the mo!

Thank you all

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