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3 year old

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deewebb99x Sat 04-Apr-20 09:31:17

Anyone else have a 3 year old who can't tell you when she needs a poo or a wee but will happily just do it in underwear, tried potty training taking her every 20 minutes but a few minutes over she'll just wee herself , won't poo and make herself constipated ! The worst thing is when she does a poo in a pull up she won't tell you I have to ask her she doesn't eeem to care about being dirty..

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neenaj Thu 16-Apr-20 10:51:19

Yes!! When bare bottom he seems to tell me about poo and sits on the potty but wees are a different matter! He wont go unless prompted and often with a fight or a tablet time bribe. I am so tired and this went on for 22 days and i realised if he doesnt get it this long he doesn't understand it.. we have rare times when he tells us if he needs to wee but thats it.. its been a month since ive put him back on nappies.. i have a 3m old so it is frustrating to go like this

I may have made a mistake putting him back on nappies but its not making any of us happy sad now he knows what to do, even learnt to wipe a bit.. i am just waiting for him to be emotionally ready.. im hoping he will be more aware of his dirty nappies and be upset about wet pants but right now he doesn't care blushblush

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