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DS holding it in

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babychange12 Sun 29-Mar-20 18:23:08

Ds3 just holds in his wee and refuses to go. It's definitely a control thing - and not helped by the fact we have a 3 week old baby as well

It's really frustrating me and it's turned into such a big battle every time

I would just leave him to it sometimes but it would be 12+ hours of him holding it in which is not great obviously

This is really breaking me

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Jdabbers Sun 29-Mar-20 18:38:39

Hi my DS did this at the same age. He refused to go in the day time which resulted in leaking nappies overnight. He soon got fed up of waking up wet and the whole bed changing business in the middle of the night and caved. It tied in with me returning to work part time and him having more time at nursery. It is a control thing, my DS is a stubborn so n so and strong willed! After a few weeks he gave up but it all had to be on his terms. Frustrating, I know but there was no way to make him go!!! smile

babychange12 Sun 29-Mar-20 20:47:22

Yes DS is very stubborn as well! Takes after his mummy unfortunately sad

I think I'm just going to leave him in pants and just leave him to it. It's such a battle at times

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