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Nursery rules

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Salpa Thu 05-Mar-20 20:33:01

Does anyone know what the legislation/rules etc. for nursery staff is in relation to children's toilet issues?  My son (2years 10 months) is toilet trained (happily & easily goes by himself although has not reached the point of being able to wipe his bottom clean by himself yet) and has come home today with dirty pants and a dirty bottom. The staff told his father that he didn't wipe his bottom.I don't know if they are not allowed to touch children at this age.Even if this is the case surely they at least should have ensured he was clean rather than send him home dirty.
Should I ask them ? Or this is the policy ?!

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bookgirl1982 Thu 05-Mar-20 20:50:58

That's not right. They should help when needed and change pants/trousers when needed. It's neglectful to leave a child in dirty pants and you should raise a concern with the manager.

shakethatshack Thu 05-Mar-20 21:06:18

Of course theyre allowed to touch him to help when he goes to the toilet. How else would nursery staff change babies/toddlers nappies?!

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