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Holding wee help

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user1465541658 Tue 03-Mar-20 07:16:47

OK so you may have seen my post from a bit over a week ago when we started this toilet training journey. On around day 4 it all clicked she was taking herself having no accidents telling us when she needed a wee that lasted 2 days... Now she has begun telling you she needs a wee but not going she'll sit down happily but appears to stops herself from needing it an carries on playing only to tell us she needs it again ten mins later but then the same thing happens it appears to pass as she holds it. Eventually it ends up as a accident as she can't hold it any longer.

I'm Not sure what to do or how to stop her from holding it because she's going to give herself a uti.

Anyone else had this? how long did it last? How did you stop it? Desperate for some advice or experience as slowly losing the will to live with this hurdle 🙈

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April45 Wed 04-Mar-20 03:05:49

Have you got a reward system in place?

babychange12 Wed 04-Mar-20 07:14:51

We ent through a very similar thing just last week with DS and I almost felt like giving up! I was so worried that he will catch a UTI as well

In the end, we persevered and he started being able to see on the potty. I think he had trouble releasing his wee, I think they have to learn how to do it. Took him about a week of us battling through and sitting on the potty but now every time he sits on it, he does a wee. He's so proud as well, bless him

Hang in there!

user1465541658 Wed 04-Mar-20 07:29:11

Thanks ladies
She gets stickers when she uses the toilet.
Yesterday was a much better day we had two accidents but she was telling us an taking herself.
This morning when she woke she told us she needed a wee an waited till her nighttime nappy was off and sat an did it so hopefully were back on track

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buckeejit Wed 04-Mar-20 07:32:28

Not sure about wee but the app 'poo goes to Pooland' helped one of my little ones. Just start saying 'does wee need to go to weeland'

April45 Wed 04-Mar-20 22:25:59

We used to wave bye to the wees to normalize where they were going too

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