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Constipation and potty training

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IndigoJem Mon 02-Mar-20 20:05:30


I need some advice my daughter had never been regular since the day she was born,she would go 2/3 days without pooping. We started potty training last August and shes been doing well but she pooped her pants a few times and pooping on the toilet scared her.

She actually got over it but was only pooping when she really had to,usually only going once a week and it wasn't great but it seemed to work for her but now its hurting her and causing her to bleed there.

She eats well, drinks well and has plenty of exercise she probably eats too many sweets at my mothers which I'm trying to stop but I just dont know how to encourage her to poop more.

The doctors have never seemed to think the time she takes between poos as a problem.

Any suggestions?

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