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How do I ever leave the house again!?

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LauraWith2under2 Wed 26-Feb-20 18:29:08

I might be expecting too much of my just turned 2yo. He said on Sunday evening that he didn’t want a nappy on after doing a big poo that I couldn’t immediately change as I was feeding my newborn. So we’ve been potty training since, making this day 3. He will pee every time on the potty and I’m asking him to try every 20 minutes. If I ask, he’s dry, but if I miss the prompt, we have an accident, only saying “wee” a fraction of a second before he goes, without always moving towards the potty. Poos have both been in his trousers so far. We’re both going a bit stir crazy at home and I’m not sure whether to persist at home or give up and go out - or do I just need to brave it with a travel potty and loads of spare pants? We’re a real happy family so I’m resisting pull ups but do have lightly padded training pants to try. Thanks for the advice!!

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sar302 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:06:42

It could be that being uncomfortable in a dirty nappy is one thing, but being ready to use a potty is just a step too far at the moment? Sounds like he's becoming more aware of things though, so he might be more ready in a couple of months?

April45 Sat 29-Feb-20 23:34:57

He needs to be able to hold for more than 20mins, both you and he will go crazy going to the toilet so much.

Put him back in nappies but keep encouraging the option of the toilet.

minipie Sat 29-Feb-20 23:41:19

Give up and try again in the summer.

fastliving Sat 29-Feb-20 23:41:49

I can't see why you wouldn't be using pull-ups?
Actually designed for this situation.

LauraWith2under2 Sun 01-Mar-20 17:09:11

Thanks all for your suggestions! We don’t use pull ups as we always used real nappies as I put in the post, So I guess I just never bought them and don’t like the idea of the landfill. Turns out I was being over quick to expect results though. On day 4 I stopped putting him on the potty every 15 minutes and waited til he prompted me.,We had three accidents in the morning and a dry afternoon. Day 5 he regulated at going every 90-120 minutes. We’re now on day 6 and he’s only had 1 accident today despite us being out and about in the car, and that was only because he was downstairs alone while I was out and my husband was putting my daughter down for a nap and no one was here to help him get onto the potty. Even BMs are now happening on the potty. Just getting off his back made all the difference!

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fastliving Mon 02-Mar-20 18:30:26

But aren't there any re-usable pull-ups on the market?
If not someone should go on dragons den!

LauraWith2under2 Mon 02-Mar-20 20:27:35

I know it’s mad isn’t it! You can buy potty training pants but I haven’t been able to find pull ups that are absorbent enough to catch a whole wee. Dragons den here we come...

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Shelley54 Mon 02-Mar-20 20:36:26

I've just potty trained DS1 and after a couple of days fighting over whether it was time to try again like you I left him to it. A couple of accidents then he self regulated and started going when he needed to. Four weeks down the line we rarely have accidents - more usual is he splashed on himself while peeing standing up!

Good luck!

April45 Wed 04-Mar-20 22:31:02

Sounds like he's doing great. It amazes me what they do naturally without us interfering! Could you put him just in pants when at home and needs to be more self sufficient, just to mean he can get on the potty himself?

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