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HELP!!! 4.5 year old is refusing to poo on potty or toilet!!!

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pasqua1990 Thu 06-Feb-20 20:48:31

Omg I really need help! I’m losing my mind with it now. My 4.5 daughter has always had problems with her pooing but the last 4 month have been horrible!! She started a new school nursery in September and it’s been since then! She is have 4-5 poo accidents a day!!! Its like she doesn’t know she’s doing it! But when I say to try on potty or toilet she’s starts screaming and crying and will not sit! When I finally get her on she just messes and never poos! She had a poo once a couple of weeks ago and I was so proud made a big deal but nothing since! I have tryed everything lots of attention no attention stickers treats days out anything I could think of I have tryed! But nothing is working and it’s now just coursing fighting within the family! Please someone help me I need to know what to do to fix this!

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dodi1978 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:22:27

My sympathies. I was just going to post almost the same message (and I might still do). Mine is only 3.5, but seems scared of the toilet. Toilet trained well initially last summer (wees and poos), know when he needs to go, but just doesn't go....

Pilot12 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:36:13

My 4.3 year old son is the same, he'll try and hold it in all day until I put his bedtime pull-up on, then I have to change him into a new one five minutes later or he'll just go in his pants and say nothing. When I smell it, I'll ask him if he's done a poo and he'll say no. We've tried bribery with chocolate and books. I've even told him I'll turn the TV off if he does it and then I do but nothing works. People keep telling me not to worry about it and one day it will just click but other people keep saying "you do know he's starting school in five months" don't you?!

mamamalt Fri 14-Feb-20 17:12:23

Oh my god is there anyone else out there who can help with this?! My 3.5 yo is the same. He's been dry for months but pooing has got worse and worse. He is now waiting until I leave the room or am distracted (3mo baby also so feeding etc) and pooing in his pants or trousers. It's multiple times a day and I am so fed up with it... the smell, the cleaning, the constant resistance. He used to poo on the potty. So he can. He will sit for hours, then poo his pants. It's ruining our relationship as I'm asking him constantly... do we go back to nappies? After months ?! Please please help us. It's really getting to me.

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