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Can I train without going naked?

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YukoandHiro Tue 04-Feb-20 21:52:25

I'm going to try starting training with my 2.5 year old on Friday. It's our second attempt.

She suffers with eczema and when it tried the naked from the waist down method last time she got so itchy from repeated wetness and general exposure to irritants by having her legs she got really distressed and couldn't focus on her body's signals. She also wasn't getting the hang so we stopped.

I don't want to go bare legs this time. She needs to be relaxed comfortable to learn. Could do loose trousers and commando? Or straight to knickers?

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about the whole thing anyway so reassurance would be good!

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NannyR Tue 04-Feb-20 21:57:38

Over the years, I've trained 10+ toddlers as a nanny and I've never done the naked from the waist down thing, just pants and loose, easy to pull up and down trousers, like joggers or shorts.

INeedNewShoes Tue 04-Feb-20 22:02:09

DD went straight into knickers and trousers when we started at 2.1.

I have to say it wasn’t the smoothest process but she was dry in the day after about 6 weeks, bar maybe one accident a week.

AquaAquaAir Tue 04-Feb-20 22:03:25

I did it with pants and a day at home. Potty in front of tv, lots of drinks and some crisps as snack.
Potty on several bath mats as a precaution.
After the initial success, moved to downstairs 🚾 with potty, then as it was easy, moved straight to toilet. 😀
They were 3 though.

WishUponAStar88 Tue 04-Feb-20 22:03:56

I didn’t go naked with either of mine. Apart from anything else I’d rather stick extra pairs of pants/ joggers in the wash than try to get wee stains out of carpets!

WishUponAStar88 Tue 04-Feb-20 22:04:20

*wee smells not stains!

AquaAquaAir Tue 04-Feb-20 22:05:42

Use pants, they need to get used to doing it themselves.
Lots of praise . I think we used chocolate buttons, but if gold stars ⭐️ makes your child happy, use those, each time.

Breastfeedingworries Tue 04-Feb-20 22:06:20

Can I start training at 18 months old? So this summer my dd is 14 months now

YukoandHiro Thu 06-Feb-20 17:36:25

Thanks everyone this is really helpful

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YukoandHiro Thu 06-Feb-20 17:36:59

Her nursery also told me today they think she's definitely ready and able now, so that's given me the confidence to just crack on and stick with it. Wish me luck!

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