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2 year old and pooping

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OnNaturesCourse Thu 30-Jan-20 12:07:54


My DD has recently (last 1 or 2 months) started gradually hating and fighting nappy changes. Its got to the point where its a fight most of the time. I've noticed she is struggling to poop and sometimes will cry out or get extremely fussy when trying or needing to go. The past few days we've had nothing but little marks or pebbles from her, yesterday there was nothing but she was gassy, and today she is saying her bum hurts and doesn't want to sit down. She is obviously in varying forms of discomfort. I just don't know how to help her, or what it could be.

We've tried warm baths to help but they don't.

No change in diet, other than her eating less on bad days when she's not been for a poop.

Drinks tonnes of water.

Not potty trained, but will sit on it etc - and occasionally ask to go for a pee.

Will be making a GP appointment tomorrow but trying to ease her discomfort today.

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Jojo2wyatr Thu 30-Jan-20 19:13:14

OP, not to just sounds like she's a bit constipated...probably brought on by not wanting her nappy changed. She seems to be becoming aware of her body and doesn't want anybody else bothering her about it...causing her to hold in the urge to go. Sounds like she is definitely ready for potty training....
Almost guaranteed to work in two days or less involves bribes, but when you're desperate all bets are off. First get a clear container and put her favorite sweeties in it....second, mark on the container that these are DD potty training treats ONLY FOR HER...tell her that when she sits on the toilet and something actually comes out, she gets one sweetie! For #2 ,she gets TWO sweeties!Also, lots of well dones, DD. But here is the extra bit that encourages handwashing afterward....she gets an extra TWO sweeties if she washes her hands afterwards! Yay, yay well done! After a few days she will be trained and you can slowly decrease the sweeties....she should be so pleased with herself by then that she probably won't even think about the sweeties....but even if she does she'll only be getting a few sweeties a day anyway.
I used a small jar so that when the PT sweeties were gone, that was all there were.
OP, hope this helps...worked like a charm for my SIL even asked me to train her son....he was a fast learner! One day and he was trainedflowers
Of course, I'm glad you are taking her to her GP just in case something else could be bothering her.
Btw, I don't think mentioned her really doesnt long as she has become aware of voiding then her body is friends daughter was 11 adorable to hear her say "wee,wee,wee mummy "
Night training takes a while longer.
P.S. DON'T USE training pants! If DC is ready, she is need to waste money on training pants

OnNaturesCourse Thu 30-Jan-20 20:44:05

Thing is she is happy to sit on the potty, and will go in it, but she screams that it's sore when she does / tries to.

It's horrible to watch sad

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Jojo2wyatr Thu 30-Jan-20 23:29:16

Bless her heart! Maybe the GP can give her some sort of laxative as she sounds very constipated. With only those little pellets coming out a few at a time it may mean that they are backing up in her colon and are getting compacted on top of one another.Then the poop turns into a large hard lump that is difficult to pass...and it IS extremely painful, as you've seen. Don't mean to be so graphic but I couldn't come up with any proper words because I am so sad for you both. Plus we're all parents here and have experienced things we never even dreamt of before kids.
The stories I could tell on this subject...and not just from my DC....also with my mother after surgery since pain meds cause extreme constipation.....
I'd suggest making her foods that are known to be good for elimination...such as peaches, stewed apples, etc.
But please get her to the GP as soon as you can if this keeps up to make sure there isn't an underlying problem

OnNaturesCourse Fri 31-Jan-20 00:38:52

Thanks for your support.

She passed a massive lump tonight - I would consider it big for even myself. She screamed blue murder passing it and it took a good ten minutes of her being doubled over in a squat sad

She was in a better mood instantly, just exhausted.

I'm hoping it's the start of movement. confused I did do lots of tummy massage on her tonight to get the heat up and pressure moving so it seems to have worked.

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Jojo2wyatr Fri 31-Jan-20 03:34:07

Job well done, mummy!

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