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When to brave going out without a nappy

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pinky127 Thu 30-Jan-20 10:26:18

Basically what the title says. We've been training at home all week and he's usually quite good at going but has had a few accidents and is scared to poo on the toilet. Every time we have gone out in past week I've put a nappy on. Do you wait until they have mastered doing at home before taking them out, or do you just go for it with lots of spare clothes?

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pinky127 Thu 30-Jan-20 10:26:59

Taking him to the soft play today so I don't know if today's the best idea.. but I'm not sure? What would you do?

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BigGreenBaskets Thu 30-Jan-20 10:36:51

I found putting a nappy on the leave the house confusing for them. Cold turkey from the off.

Wee straight before leaving the house, incontinence pad on the car seat just in case, take them to the toilet when you arrive at soft play and after an hour or two if no wee id say 'it's time to go to the toilet now'

But yes, take spare pants, trousers and socks!

kshaw Thu 30-Jan-20 11:30:35

I just went for it. I made sure she went before leaving the house then regularly offered toilet while out. Take spare clothes smile

inwood Thu 30-Jan-20 11:31:53

I would go cold turkey on the nappy.

Soft play probably isn't the best idea, if he wees in the ball pit...

namedecision Thu 30-Jan-20 11:34:31

Agree with the others, you just have to go for it I think. I was worried DD would get confused if we used nappies some times and not others.

AnnieAnt Thu 30-Jan-20 11:45:15

We also just went for it - but I'd avoid soft play for a while yet, not least as I'd expect him to be easily distracted and it might take a while to extract him to get to a loo even if not!

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