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Trained for 6 months BUT won't self initiate

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summerson Wed 29-Jan-20 04:56:19

My son (3) is toilet trained and will happy take himself off for a poo, but unless I TAKE HIM for a wee every 2-3 hours he won't go on his own.

If I ask him if he needs the loo he will always say no. When I take him, he wees..... hmm. If I don't take him he will either: have a total accident (depends how much he's drunk), or have a half accident (wet undies, try trousers) and then declare he needs to go.

Am I hindering his progress by taking him? Or should I keep taking him to the loo until he gets it himself? Not sure if I'm helping (by giving him time) or harming (by not giving him a chance to learn his body himself) ....

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LolaLollypop Fri 14-Feb-20 18:38:22

Haven't got any advice but I'm following! My DD (2.5) will happily go to the toilet when prompted but when left to herself she would herself. Not too big a problem when she's at home as we always prompt but she keeps coming home from nursery with a big bag of soiled clothes!

She seems to totally get where she is meant to go - just not sure why she is letting herself go n her knickers and not getting to the potty?

Lnix Sun 16-Feb-20 09:03:08

Hey guys - when training my daughter at 2.5 (now 4) I tried taking her and she would happily wee in the toilet or potty. It wasn't until I left her to it that she had accidents BUT she then understood what it actually felt like to need to wee. It's not a feeling you can verbally describe to someone, and so when your dc says no, he genuinely thinks he doesn't need to go because he doesn't know what needing to go feels like. my advice would be to take the hit of wet pants for a few days and let them learn what it feels like. Then they WILL start to self-initiate. That's my experience anyway x

summerson Sun 16-Feb-20 16:44:58

Thanks for your comment Lnix...

We have had some successes lately and hardly any accidents despite less prompting wahoo!

He just seems to be telling me he needs to go more which is awesome, all we need now is for him to work on manipulating his clothing himself, he totally relies on me to push down/pull up

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Lnix Sun 16-Feb-20 21:05:30

That's great! I wouldn't worry too much if you have to help with clothing for a while. My daughter was the same and was fully independent in plenty of time. He's still very little. Good luck x

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