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Tips for potty training

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mummyof2boos Tue 28-Jan-20 06:52:36

Over the last 2 years my three year old has been really poorly and she was kept in hospital for a while she had Kawasaki disease and it's took her over a year to get over and she was a prem baby she was 9 weeks early and now she has come off all the medicine and now I'm trying to potty train her but she has no interest in it and she has started nursery in a school and I'm worried the longer I leave it the harder it will get does anyone have any tips or advice please ...... x

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lorza03 Sun 16-Feb-20 19:59:44

I wouldn’t stress to much- have you tried introducing a potty or explaining why we addicts use the toilet or even take her to the shop and get her involved in buying so knickers?

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