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Scared to number 2

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Hannah2306 Wed 22-Jan-20 18:13:24

Has anyone had any experience of their child being uncomfortable to poo on the toilet/potty. She has been able to do wee’s on it for about a year now and is doing brilliantly at that she will use the public toilet and stays dry all night but when it comes to number 2 she is petrified I have tried everything I can think of (including bribery) but she just does not seem comfortable enough to do it. We’ve made up songs watched videos and even got her teddy’s fo show her but as soon as she feels it coming she’s upset. Has anyone got any tips or been through this with their child

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Moomin37 Sat 25-Jan-20 12:20:56

Hello I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer but can sympathise with you thanks My DD is 3 and has been doing brilliantly with wees but is withholding poo and only going once a week when she has no choice. Incentives, sticker charts, poo goes to pooland app etc. not working. Today she is now withholding wee too sad

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