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2.6 old, going but not asking to go

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MissPepper8 Tue 14-Jan-20 17:31:24

Looking for some help, I've introduced potty since DS was two (by this I mean it's always been in a place where he can interact with it and knows what it's called, and for ect). I'm due in March and he starts school this year so I wanted to ideally to give him as much attention before baby comes.

So I started last night and we got a wee before bed, then today with just a top and cotton pants on I've prompted him and I've had 4 wees and a poop from watching him and asking him to sit (heavily influencing stickers for poos/wees).

The problem(s) I have is he doesn't want to keep pants on, he just likes to just sit on it nakey so after 15 mins of nothing I put pants back on (which he will keep) and decided to see what he did and he had an accident. So there's the second issue, he doesn't say he needs to wee, he told me he needed to poop earlier and went to sit on the potty, but he doesn't do this for wees and I need to prompt him every hour or so.

I am nervous of this, I don't want to push him if he's not ready. Does anyone think he's not ready because he's not mastered the asking to go wee? (hes perfectly capable for asking for juice, food ect).

I think he's cracked the going on it quite nicely just not the asking to go, and he goes to nursery Thursday, sure as hell they won't be watching him and reminding him to do this as his class is quite full of kids.

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BasicMadeira Tue 14-Jan-20 17:49:33

It sounds like he is simply not ready yet. The only issue I will ever bore on about re child rearing is that when a child is ready to toilet train it actually takes little to no training they get it because their bodies are ready and able to do it and away they go. (Of course allowing for an additional needs etc) Save yourself the heart ache and wait until they are older.

I had two close together and both in nappies is actually less bother than trying to find toilets in an emergency with suitable levels of cleanliness for the older.
I would suggest pull ups though as combined with the potty being about it will keep it in mind.

HarrietM87 Tue 14-Jan-20 17:52:37

I disagree with this. If he can ask for drinks etc he can ask to wee, he just needs practice. I recommend reading Oh Crap.

NoMorePoliticsPlease Tue 14-Jan-20 17:53:42

He is way off telling you he needs to go. If you want to potty train you will need to anticipate

namechangenewness Tue 14-Jan-20 17:58:52

I agree with everything @BasicMadeira has said. I'v potty trained two so far and it really was worth just waiting until they were ready, between 2.5 and 3. When they're ready they can take themselves off to the toilet and you end up with very few accidents. In my experience those who have found potty training a nightmare are those who have pushed too early and end up either taking their child to the toilet every 10 mins or loads of accidents.

MissPepper8 Tue 14-Jan-20 18:21:06

@BasicMadeira To be honest I'm under a lot of pressure from family, grandmother's are constantly "is he not trained yet!? mine were trained by 2 years old" and "you've got a baby coming" ect, his two cousins were trained just before they started school after 3 and all I heared were their mums were lazy sad. My mum is not so bad she said if he does it he does it, she said he'd done well today but if it's not clicking not to push him. He is in pull ups, he's been flooding them lately and he's in size 6s as he's demanding more water, changing him near every hour.

@namechangenewness See part of me thinks he needs to ask and he's not ready, I dunno if I'm making more stress for myself here. I just feel I won't have time with a baby due in March and school in September.

@HarrietM87 Oh Crap came today so I am going to read it tonight smile. I'm conflicted with it to be honest, he's gets the going but I can't get him to ask despite trying to explain.

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namechangenewness Tue 14-Jan-20 19:42:20

I tried too early with both of mine as I felt pressure from their grandparents. It just made more work for me with all the extra cleaning. Nappies went back on. Then with my second I asked her one day whether she wanted to be a big girl and wear knickers and go to the toilet and she said yes. I'm not joking when I say that from that day I never had to prompt her. You've overcome the first step in that some children refuse to use a potty or toilet so I'd just wait until you no longer have to prompt your DS. Essentially both of mine were two but the truth is DC2 was closer to 3. Pretty sure that up until they start school age 4 is within the normal range for potty training.

literallychristraeger Tue 14-Jan-20 21:01:59

If I'm understanding your post correctly it's only been a day. With the best will in the world it's going to take a little longer than that, we started over Christmas and the first day had loads of accidents but they've reduced to nothing. He may be able to ask for juice and things but that's a different from asking to go to the toilet. He needs to understand what the feeling of needing to go is and link that with asking or taking himself to the potty. With a little practice I'm sure he will work it out.

MissPepper8 Tue 14-Jan-20 21:38:58

@namechangenewness I think ive decided to see how he is with asking in a few weeks time. He did well, he had three wee accidents , both times he was absorbed with toys, and once before a bath and didn't really show anything for me to prompt him or ask me. But he did say "oh no im wet" straight away. I think id feel more comfortable with him showing the initiative that he wants to do it himself, I'm afraid of forcing him.

@literallychristraeger I am totally not expecting that, I know that it might even take months to be totally dry but it's my first time, I'm really nervous about it and I think I've either got to be a hawk and do it without him asking or wait for him to tell me he needs to go. I think my post was more should he be actually asking to go, and is he not ready because he's not asking.

He asks for a poop, he ran straight to it today telling me he needed a poo, so that went well and he will sometimes say wee is coming when he's on it but like above, it seems if I'm not asking him he forgets. I think I'll give him a couple weeks but keep him interested and let him try potty at night or when he shows interest. I just want to ruin it for him.

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