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Potty training angst!

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Umbongo1 Fri 10-Jan-20 20:58:02

Looking for some advice really. Did is nearly 3.6 and her preschool have started to get really pushy about getting her potty trained. We tried it back in the summer but didn't get anywhere. Trying again now and she gets v upset whenever we even mention Big Girl Pants, won't sit on the potty, toilet etc and I'm worried if we push it we will make it into an issue. Or am I just being an overprotective parent who doesn't want to upset their child? She's my only
One so I have no frame of reference. We have tried stickers, rewards etc to no avail.

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neenaj Sat 02-May-20 14:27:02


Just checking, how is it going with your little one? X

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