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Showing signs... 16 months is too early though?

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Bibijayne Wed 01-Jan-20 22:39:10

Just that. My 16 month old son saw his dad oee standing up a few times at bath time. He keeps trying to go towards the loo pulling at his bottoms. At bath time he's taken to standing up and peeing (if he needs to go) against the side of the bath (sort of facing the side that mirrors facing the toilet).

He's always hated a wet nappy (does not care about poo though :/ ) he's also pretty petite (25th percentile).

It feels far, far too young to be thinking about this - but I keep hearing people talking about starting when you get dyes from your child?

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Bibijayne Wed 01-Jan-20 22:39:33

*cues not dyes. Seriously autocorrect makes no sense!

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eatanazurecrayon Wed 01-Jan-20 23:01:34

He's mimicking what dad is doing. Take the win and let him try. Even if he only wee's in a potty sometimes. It's a start!

dementedpixie Wed 01-Jan-20 23:06:45

Ds started around 18 months and it was taken at a slow pace so ds wore pull ups as they were easy to pull down but would still catch any accidents. He never sat on the potty much and I would hold these potty up so he could pee standing up

surlycurly Thu 02-Jan-20 00:09:13

You will drag potty training out for months and months starting this early. You will clean up ridiculous amounts of wee and have your washing machine on all the time. He's mimicking, like he would be if he was copying either of you cooking or driving. He doesn't have the bladder control. Go ahead if you want to but it will be mess and drawn out and other mums will eye roll about it. By all means encourage him but I don't for a second think you'll manage it. You can potty train in three days for a health child who's ready. Or take months with one who's not.

Ihatesundays Thu 02-Jan-20 00:13:38

The issue you will have as PP says is bladder control. It’s not just being able to pee in the toilet but being able to hold enough to get to a toilet. Being able to go out in the car etc.

Being able to pee isn’t the hard bit of TT - it’s pooing!

MustardScreams Thu 02-Jan-20 00:24:11

It’ll be months of accidents, washing and reminding him to use a potty.

Dd was 2.5 when we potty trained and she was so ready. She got it in 3 day and has never had an accident, and tells me every time she needs the loo. So much easier when they can comprehend what their bladder being full feels like and tell you.

randomsabreuse Thu 02-Jan-20 00:34:43

I'd let him use the potty if/When he wants and put in pull ups so he can.

Not so much training as allowing to experiment with learning.

Both mine did big wees relatively infrequently from 9 months - and hated wet nappies. I saw the occasional potty wees as nappy savers rather than training.

Ariela Thu 02-Jan-20 00:46:43

It won't necessarily mean months of accidents washing and reminding.
My younger brother was a true escapologist and ditched nappies at 14 months - he had older siblings to copy, no accidents.
I'd let him use the potty and copy Daddy was much as he wants to, and see what happens. But talk to him about it, if he's bare bottomed explain that when he thinks he might need to wee he can use the potty - go to the toilet or whatever, let him work it out for himself.

Bibijayne Thu 02-Jan-20 19:08:56

I'm thinking switch to pull ups and let him wee in the potty if he wants to. So not so much training as an introduction/ toilet role-play. Seems a few PP have done the same.

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Engard Thu 02-Jan-20 21:08:31

Never too early to introduce a potty. We started about 18 months and she's been dry from her 2nd birthday.
My suggestion is to let them take the potty wherever they want it, often accidents happened because they don't want to stop what they're doing or miss their tv show.

Engard Thu 02-Jan-20 21:10:11

Another thing that worked for us was a star chart, every time she did wee on the potty she got a star sticker to put on her chart.

MustardScreams Thu 02-Jan-20 21:34:27

6 months of potty training confused

Not that I’m judging your approach at all! But I am far too lazy for that! It’s soooo much easier when it’s done in 3 days.

Engard Thu 02-Jan-20 22:12:24

@MustardScreams it was a very simple, non invasive method and worked great. I can't see how it's possible in just 3 days.

MustardScreams Thu 02-Jan-20 22:33:07

@Engard honestly! Dd was 2.3 and I had her at home for 2 days with no bottoms on where it was a mix of her telling me she needed a wee and me reminding her. She then went to nursery on the 3rd day with knicks on and they were great.

That was it! All poos and wees in the toilet/potty since then. I couldn’t have done it for 6 months.

Khione Thu 02-Jan-20 22:39:41

My daughter ditched her nappy at 13 months old and never had an accident. She didn't have to be reminded - she just got it. Her brother was 2 and half and he had occasional accidents beyond that - but more because he was too engrossed in playing and when he wanted to go it was immediate so he could probably have been quicker if left a bit later. some are ready that young. She was also dry at night at the same time

Pereie Tue 14-Jan-20 20:51:37

I've just started training my 16m old boy.

We are 11 days in - no accidents the last 4 days and never an accident out the house. He tells me when he needs to go and I take him. He pees every 1-2h and is dry overnight and for naps. to be fair he has a bit of a head start because he has been using the toilet since he was 8m and hasn't pood in a nappy for 6 months, so has taken to no nappies really quickly.

Some kids are ready at this age, don't let other people put you off - you know your boy best. Yes, it won't take 3 days, its hard work and takes commitment. BTW waiting till they are 2.5 - 3 doesn't mean it will be plain sailing either, you just have to read the posts on hear to realise that.

deste Fri 24-Jan-20 21:54:09

My DS was dry and clean day and night at 16 months so try him if you want. DGD nearly (17 months) says poo potty when she needs but hasn’t a clue weeing so that dispells that myth.

horseymum Fri 24-Jan-20 22:08:25

Not too early if they are interested, my DD just didn't want nappies at about 14 months. Ds didn't poo in nappies from about 8 months and out of nappies about 20 months. Not a sign of future intelligence but all children are different. Some people will swear blind it is impossible for them to have control at that age but it is.

nildesparandum Fri 24-Jan-20 22:15:48

My mother used to nag at me because my two were not potty trained at 15 months!. She claimed she had me out of nappies during the day when I was 12 months old, but I think she must have sat me on the potty every 15 minutes or had me permanently sat on it.
My older son was two and half when he was out of nappies but then his brother was born and he regressed for a while, he saw the baby having his nappy changed and decided he needed them again by constantly wetting himself.His brother, by the time he was 9 months hated wet nappies and would try and pull them off, resulting in him being dry and clean by 15 months I kid you not.
I must say that this was the early seventies when cloth nappies were the norm. It must have felt like a wet rag between your legs when they needed changing, and also us mothers were constantly washing and drying the things which forced you to potty train your children early.
Every child is different.

Junobug Fri 24-Jan-20 22:22:52

My dd was dry day and night at 18 months. She has always had the attitude that if her big brother can do something, then so can she. I'm fully aware that on our part this is complete luck and not typical but it shows it can happen. I have a feeling ds2 will be nearer to 3 when he starts.

a12345b Fri 24-Jan-20 22:24:34

Not too early, my son started at 16 months and was completely dry by 18 months.never had an accident after that.

TheHagOnTheHill Fri 24-Jan-20 22:25:07

My DD ditched her nappies at 19 months in January, I'd planned to try on summer.She refused the potty and wanted to use the toilet like us.She got the hang of it quickly and poos shortly after.She was over 2 before she was dry at night.
When she started full time school at 4.5 she wet her bed,just slept very soundly.She was dry again at about 5.5.

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