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Starting later this week - top tips?

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loveautum Wed 01-Jan-20 21:19:19

Hi @YukoandHiro I feel your pain and it's funny you mention weaning as I also found that a long slog. Having said we started today today my DD is the same age and even though all accidents on the floor not one we in the potty I actually felt by the end of the day quite positive as she was a lot more happier to sit on the potty by the end of the day as opposed to the start where she was having none of it.

I've been reading oh crap potty training book which has been great, I will only know if the method suggested work I guess over the course of the week. The author suggest you treat it like building blocks and not days if the foundation of the blocks aren't strong then you will have to go back and complete a block again. Basically naked or at least no nappy, then leggings without underwear for around 2-3 weeks then underwear.

YukoandHiro Tue 31-Dec-19 15:53:27

DD is 2.4 years. Most of her little pals who are girls are trained. We tried once two months ago and total disaster, but she's very verbal now and talking about it - so even though she's never done either a wee or poo on the potty yet we're going to give it a whirl later this week while I've got a few days in a row in the house with her.
Any tips? I'm utterly dreading it.
I hated weaning and I feel like this is going to be just as bad...

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