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3 year old regressed.

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Yorkshiredolls Sun 29-Dec-19 07:01:39

Hi wonder if anyone can help, please. My 3.3year old girl took a long time to get potty training right but we got there. By September she was dry night and day abd self initiating using the potty for wees and poos or asking us for help, albeit the odd accident once or twice a week. Then we moved house in November, which she seems to breeze through. Then she caught a diarrhoea bug which lasted 2 weeks followed by chicken pox and christmas. DD has become really resistant to prompting to go to the potty but has started wetting herself some of the time and pooing herself most of the time and not even seeming to notice or care. She is still dry at night. i’m also expected DC2 in Feb, so there is a lot of change in our lives. I understand theres reasons why she might regress but the things i’m trying to do to get her back on track don’t seem to be working.
I’d say we’re getting slightly better at wees again but yesyerday she pooed her pants 3 times blush most days at least once. We’re trying sticker charts, a chocolate reward at the end of the day, lots of lots of praise when she gets it right. We’re trying to be nonchalant and not even acknowledge when she poos her pants and just clean up as efficiently as we can. we’ve had the In-laws over for 3 nights and we’re just so stressed and embarrassed that this is happening because they keep bringing it up and they had a word with my husband last night suggesting that we’re not being tough enough with her. She’s only 3 for gods sake! I really cant wait for them to fuck off home and get back to normal. I’m at such a low ebb with it and feeling judged like were bad parents and desperate to sort this out and get back to where we were before DC2 here in 6 weeks..

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Holjad Sun 29-Dec-19 08:28:26

Hi, I've worked with 2 year olds for many years now and have toilet trained many many children. In my experience, Regression is a completely normal process of potty training.
Your little one does seem to have had a rough time with it recently and you can see the reasons she may have regressed.
Everything you have mentioned you are doing is the most obvious things to suggest. Try not to get yourself or her too upset with the opinions or family members. They all have an opinion of what you should or shouldn't be doing.
Do you give her frequent reminders as well as her telling you? Maybe changing the reward system. To more frequent rewards. My eldest had a problem with soiling. So we had a reward system of a " poo cake " 🙈 Don't ask how it came out 😂 I have no idea. But basically it was a chocolate biscuit with smarties on it. He got one after every successful bowel movement.

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