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3yo night time pull ups soaked through

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KJM2013 Thu 12-Dec-19 09:26:56

My 3y4m DD has been toilet trained and using the loo by day fine for a while now. At night she wears a "sleeping nappy" which is a pair of size 6 Pampers nappy pants.
Over the last week, I have gone to her in the morning and the pull up is sodden and hanging off her with the weight of wee, PJ's and bed soaked too (but she is sleeping through it all).
So I'm guessing this hormone that is supposed to kick in and keep them dry at night and/or wake them up for a wee hasn't kicked in yet.
She has a few sips of water with her tea and a very small cup of milk before bed. She usually does a decent wee on the toilet before bedtime too. I can't imagine this is creating this volume of wee.
Any ideas? In the first instance is there a stronger brand of pull up or should we go cold turkey and try her with no pull up one night? Go and wake her and take her for a wee? She is super grouchy if you wake her early for anything, so don't fancy that, but if it helps, needs must.

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Thu 12-Dec-19 09:34:09

I don't think you're meant to wake them as it then the body doesn't recognise the need to go...or something.

Is she weeing early in the morning,is the pull up warm? I think we had a potty by the bed still at that age and encouraged D's to use it of he woke up.

Rubyroses3 Thu 12-Dec-19 09:40:57

I had the same experience with the Pampers pull ups. They are the worst. Now I use either the Tesco or Sainsburys brand pull ups.

Mary8076 Mon 23-Dec-19 01:47:50

Waking up her in the night is not an useful thing, could even make everything worse. If she is not ready there's nothing you can do.
About pullups leaking, switch to regular overnight nappies, much more absorbent, better close fitting against leaks, more appropriate for the night and even cheaper than pullups. If still not enough add a booster pad inside the nappy.

MemorylikeDory Mon 23-Dec-19 07:58:08

Pampers do a size 7 pull up if your DC is big enough for them. I think even an 8 too. Personally I'm not a fan of pampers at bedtime and use asda pull ups or tesco nappies.

bonzo77 Mon 23-Dec-19 08:17:17

I think it’s The small cup of milk that’s doing it. We’re using Naty pull-ups and they’re awful for leaking. But much less likely to if DS (4) doesn’t have anything at all to drink at bed time. FWIW we used to use Boots own pull ups which were far less leaky.

sarahc336 Tue 24-Dec-19 07:36:44

The Aldo pull ups are very good!! Xx

FunkyPidgeonPie Fri 17-Jan-20 17:44:10

I can recommend the Aldi Pull-Ups.

If you need a bigger one there’s either Huggies Pull-Ups Night time which have extra absorbency and come in age 2-4 or there’s Drynights which come in ages 3-5, 4-7 and (believe it or not!) 8-15.

For budgeting you might want to try the Aldi ones first but if they don’t work then the Huggies/Drynights should have the extra absorbency she needs.

Most kids are still wet at night at 3 so you don’t need to worry there’s anything wrong with her.

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