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Is this normal? When should my DD start telling me she needs a wee?

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Jenbot78 Wed 11-Dec-19 19:13:30

My DD is 2 years 7 months and today was day 5 of potty training. By the end of day 3 she was starting to look for the potty when she needed a wee but not quite getting there in time (even when I tried to help her.) However on day 4 I had to help her by noticing the “wee dance” and telling her that she needed to go. She managed to hold in a big wee at the park on day 4 (by which time we were all insane at being in the house so long!) and do it in the potty when I asked.

Today she has been at the childminder’s. She managed 3 wees when prompted but had 3/4 accidents when she didn’t even attempt to seek out the potty. Childminder seems to prompt every half hour or so. I should say that today she is absolutely knackered having slept appallingly and she has a cold. Also the childminder has lots of kids at her house, it is a busy and fun place and DD gets swept along in whatever is going on. She doesn’t always have time to “watch the crotch” like I have been doing the past few days!

I just want to find out what’s normal or not really? Should DD be telling us by now that she needs a wee? Is this all part of the process? We desperately don’t want to stop now. And even if we did I think DD would resist. She is very strong willed and just had a massive meltdown about putting a Pull Up on at night (maybe we should have gone with this and put her in pants but we have a ten week old too 😬 also pull ups are soaking in the morning!)

Sorry for long post, just really trying to get a sense of what is normal and whether we are on the right track!

Poos seem to be OK so far but she’s only had two!

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dementedpixie Wed 11-Dec-19 19:23:29

It took a few weeks before ds told us he needed to go. Before that we prompted him.

Anyoed Wed 11-Dec-19 19:26:50

To be honest with you my little one did it about 3.8. He struggled for a few weeks to recognise the signs himself. I had loads of reminding. He found it a lot easier when we were at home no clothes in then worked in to pants but I continued using Google pull ups till we were both confident. I no some don't agree. He is now dry aLloyd day and night going to be 3 in January. We just have to get over his new scared of the heater on bathrooms he makes himself sick worrying. I now take a bottle. blush

JohnLapsleyParlabane Wed 11-Dec-19 19:29:59

My DD stopped wearing nappies at around the same age. She's now 4 and we still have to remind her on occasion! Iirc we didn't really bother waiting for her to tell us till she was over 3, we just offered potty or toilet every hour or so, and at every transition (leaving the house/mealtimes etc). We also lifted her when we went to bed for several months which turned into half-waking her and asking if she needed to go. This stopped when she told us she'd wake herself if she needed and wanted us to leave her alone!

user1471549213 Wed 11-Dec-19 19:30:07

I tried to train my dd twice before her 3rd bday. Like your daughter she would go when prompted but lots of accidents. Then upset over accidents too. I felt she wasn't getting the 'feeling' she needed to go or she didn't understand the feeling. So I put her back in nappies. She decided herself when she was a few days past 3 that she was done with nappies and has rarely had an accident since. I suppose it's up to yourself really but I felt my dd wasn't fully ready and therefore it was just painful for everyone. My other dd was the same. Just decided one day she was doing it and rare to have an accident from there. If you're not under pressure to do it then decide yourself what to do.

JoeyJoJoJunior Wed 11-Dec-19 19:32:09

She likely won't be able to tell you for a good few weeks.
Both my kids picked it up fairly quickly but at the beginning you shouldnt expect them to tell you or even ask them if they need to go, you just need to take them

I potty trained my son quite recently and it was a week of every 40 mins he was put on a potty then after time I gradually increased that time. After a few weeks I'd ask him if he needed then a few weeks after that he started to tell me.
Took a bit longer for him to be dry with childminder/ grandparents until he was more confident

I'd say at this stage all you want is for her to wee on demand for you and everything else will come when she starts understanding what she's feeling and what's coming

Good luck

Anyoed Wed 11-Dec-19 20:11:26

Sorry was supposed to be. 2.8.

Wudgy Sat 21-Dec-19 08:46:18

Similar situation here, have been putting dc on the potty every 30-40 and this was going great for a few days however no they are refusing the potty, saying no and then peeing in pants after! Had a few great days and now feel like back to the start and questioning whether Dc is actually ready?!
Glad to hear it takes some weeks of prompting before they ask for the potty as I can’t see that coming to us for quite awhile!

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