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Going backwards....

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eggofmantumbi Sun 08-Dec-19 10:07:12

We started potty training our daughter (2yrs 9mths) at her request. She's full time at nursery and lots of her friends are trained/ training so I think that was what 'inspired'it.
She did really well at nursery to start off with (it's been 3-4 weeks now) but has never been great at home. She either wees on the floor or waits for a nappy.

The last week or so she's got worse, then better at nursery, but this weekend she's been worse again. She's definitely holding her wees in until she has a happy on. Today her tummy was hurting and she was desperate for a wee but refused the toilet or potty. When I put a nappy on her, she was grunting as she weed sad

Do I go back to nappies & try again, despite her being able to have dry days at nursery?
Or do we persevere? I'm worried she's going to end up making herself ill!

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UnaOfStormhold Sun 08-Dec-19 10:13:36

Holding wee can cause all sorts of problems so I would definitely go back to nappies until she's happier using the toilet/potty.

eggofmantumbi Sun 08-Dec-19 11:15:20

That was definitely my instinct too. Thanks

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