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Weeing on potty but not telling me when needing go do so

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seatcupra91 Wed 04-Dec-19 20:52:49

Hi guys, so my daughter is 27 months old. When I ask her to try and wee on the potty she will
Do so which is great but she never ever tells me when she needs to go to the potty or when she needs to wee or poo. I have to just keep asking her to go. Is this okay or should I wait for her to start telling me she needs a wee etc and leave her in nappies a bit longer?
It’s hard because she’s able to do so on the potty she just won’t tell me. She’s currently in nappies so I’m just trying it out but not sure if she’s ready or not.
Thank you 😊

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Yakadee Sat 07-Dec-19 07:33:20

This came later for my son. I knew he was ready so just kept prompting him and after a few weeks / month he just started going himself or telling me.

Maybe try her in knickers and see how it goes? She seems to be able to control / go on command so showing signs x

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