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Training but needs constant prompting

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PinkJam Thu 07-Nov-19 20:00:40

Hi, I wonder if anyone can offer any advice.

DD will go on the potty but only if we keep prompting her. And if we aren’t in the same room then she will try and disappear off into a corner to do a poo. So no accidents for a month but as soon as I was preoccupied with something else she went into another room and did a poo in her knickers.

She was very upset about it and obviously didn’t want to have done it. But she just will not pull her own trousers down etc. Please can someone advise because I don’t know what to do to progress.


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CycleWoman Wed 20-Nov-19 19:37:45

Same happened to me with my first DS

I was constantly promoting to use the loo and he always went. But when he went to childcare he kept having accidents. I realised I’d been promoting too much and he didn’t really get the feeling of needing to go.

So I spent 3 days at home and didn’t prompt him once. First morning was an unmitigated disaster and there mess everywhere! But eventually he got it. And towards the very end of the three days he started asking to go. I always had the potty in the same room as him so he could see it. Once he started asking input it in the toilet.

Mine still can’t really pull his pants down though. So he tells me he needs a wee and then I go and help with his clothes.

PinkJam Thu 21-Nov-19 07:32:43

@CycleWoman Thank you for your advice and sharing your experience smile I will reduce the amount of times I ask and hopefully that will help.

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