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Son terrifed off toI let heater

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Anyoed Wed 06-Nov-19 14:02:28 son has been potty trained for a few months no accidents and suddenly stopped at night to all great. But all of a sudden he's terifed I mean shaking g and crying at the thought of toilets out side our home. He's scared of the heater no accident still but any advice please I hate seeing get him like this so any advice is welcome I am trying to go bk to basics reward chart etc

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Shellyd2k1 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:33:50

Have you had any improvement with this?
My daughter is exactly the same - terrified of public toilets due to the hand dryers... we avoid staying out for long periods of time as we know once she needs the toilet it's just a stressful situation!! I've even resorted to having a potty in the boot of the car 'just in case'
She has recently been diagnosed with glue ear so I don't know whether that's making her hearing more sensitive to loud noises?!

Anyoed Tue 26-Nov-19 22:40:35

Hi so sorry to hear your going through this with your daughter it's hard work isn't it. I do the same take a pottyear put at the moment. But I've been taking good him to my local church and I go in the toilets with the door wide open and play with toys . I no I look completely mad. Lol. But he has actually gone in this week and had a quick look around so a bit of progress. I did turn off the heater so it wouldn't go off and scare him off. Hope this can help u a bit.

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