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2y4 m old potty training

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lorza03 Mon 04-Nov-19 17:18:29

Yes it’s true I should not worry really thanks 👍🏼

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NoKnit Mon 04-Nov-19 16:07:34

Then I would just leave it and ignore the people whoever they may be. Whatever way you look at it he can't actually do it at the moment, why put yourself through all the stress.

lorza03 Mon 04-Nov-19 11:00:54

I am in no rush just feel a bit rushed by other people sometimes but I know if I'm patient and like you say don’t get angry if there is a accident. It will all fall into place also yes 2is such a small age x

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chipsandgin Mon 04-Nov-19 09:27:16

Both my boys potty trained at about 2 & a half & we had no nappies day or night after that, it’s well within the standard age range. Hopefully if you carry on with stickers, ask him to try before getting dressed/going out etc & don’t be cross about accidents you’ll have them both nappy free in no time!

NoKnit Mon 04-Nov-19 09:23:01

This is quite normal, they can do it whilst naked. It just means they are starting to understand and feel the control, but can't do it fully. He is so little still what is your rush in it all?

NeedAnExpert Sun 03-Nov-19 16:03:58

he will 100% use the toilet or potty without any encouragement from me. I have been rewarding him with stickers.

Stickers are encouragement. hmm

Ginghamricecakes Sun 03-Nov-19 15:59:55

The velcro lighting McQueen pull ups come to mind, they don't look so much like nappies so you can tell him they're 'special big boy pants for learning' , you know the drill I'm sure wink

Ginghamricecakes Sun 03-Nov-19 15:58:11

I've known children his age and younger, potty trained. The main thing I would say is can he vocalise/realise when he needs to go to the toilet? Not just when he has wet.

Maybe try pull-ups, the ones with the velcro sides are brilliant, (easier for them to pull down independently and you don't have to strip them to change) so that he isn't feeling the embarrassment of wee coming through, but can practice as his bladder trains. Sometimes pull-ups can make some children complaisant, but in the case of your ds it sounds like it could do him good, since he is the one driving the potty training.

Sounds like you are doing brilliantly to me, keep up with the positive praise and you could have two children out of nappies in a matter of weeks. Woohoo!

lorza03 Sun 03-Nov-19 06:14:35

So my boy just decided about 2 months ago to go on the potty/ his sibling is 3.5yes and wondering if that’s what’s started him.he dislikes having a nappy put on. If we are at home no pants bear bums - he will 100% use the toilet or potty without any encouragement from me. I have been rewarding him with stickers. But my issue is when we put on pants / trousers he will just wee straight through and then cry as if he is angry with himself- I have shown him how to pull down ect. I also know he is still quite young. But not sure do I continue doing what I
Doing or try something else

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