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Older child nappy/ cloth nappy recommendation

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askingaquestion1 Tue 29-Oct-19 21:41:18

DS1 is 4.5 and whilst completely toilet trained in the day, he is always wet at night. I'm working on his bladder control by trying to increase fluid intake early in the day.
He is wee-ing so much at night that his pull-ups no longer work. His pjs are wet most mornings and often sheets too. I've just bought some larger nappies from the toilet training charity ERIC and they don't work either.
I understand bed wetting is a common problem and many children are not dry until at least 5 or older. But in the meantime I'd like recommendations for a nappy that works, as the sheet washing is hard in the winter! I was wondering whether he might notice the sensation of a wet cloth nappy more and not go to the loo? (Slim chance as he sleeps so deeply he can fall out of bed without waking himself!)
Any nappy recommendation or other tips welcome! Thanks

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CatWithKittens Wed 30-Oct-19 11:41:54

We always used terry nappies and plastic pants. You can get the nappies in 67 and 75cm squares for a bigger child and, unless we (or to be precise DH) failed to tuck the nappy into the pants, we never had leaks though 3 of ours needed a nappy at night until they were over 6 an one of them was nearly 7 before he was dry. HTH a bit - it does come to an end eventually!

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