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Should I abandon ship?

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MsChatterbox Sun 27-Oct-19 06:33:27

So I was planning on potty training my 2 year old (in a week) starting Monday. He was showing the signs such as telling me needs a poo and saving up his wee. I've had the potty about this weekend to try and get him used to it. But he seems terrified of it. Won't sit on it for a sticker or even chocolate 😯. Should I just not start on Monday as planned? He's happy to sit his teddies on it and say wee wee but even if he does sit on it it last one second then he goes all stiff crying and asking to get up (acts like he can't even stand up because he's so scared). What do you think.. Try again in a few months?

MsChatterbox Sun 27-Oct-19 19:51:46

I've decided not to abandon ship as he was proudly sitting on it clothed by the end of the day. Now tomorrow I know there will be accidents. My question is how to respond. I know not to tell him off. But what do I say? Something like "you've done a wee wee. Wee wee goes in the potty". How does that sound? I'm not sure I want to sit him on the potty after every accident as I feel this will cause tension with him!

bloodywhitecat Mon 28-Oct-19 09:06:51

If you have a day at home I would go for it, just comment that wees and poos go in the potty (or on the toilet, some children seem to prefer the toilet from the outset). Treat it matter of fact, I would ask him to sit on it frequently, "Potty time, what book would you like me to read?" and heap the praise if he manages something.

Good luck

MsChatterbox Mon 28-Oct-19 10:27:25

Thank you @bloodywhitecat luckily we are able to stay home for the entire week. He's been a lot better about sitting on it today especially when he realised there were Raisins involved! He has done one wee in it but standing over it. Hoping by the end of the week there is good progress!

MsChatterbox Tue 29-Oct-19 13:03:53

Half way through day 2 and he's making zero attempts to go to the potty. He will sit on it for a bribe. But will then pee on the floor 5 mins later. I want to keep going but wondering if anyone has had this happened and it turned out that they still got it by the end of the week?

bloodywhitecat Tue 29-Oct-19 16:13:18

I'd be inclined to give it a rest for now and try again in a month.

Chewysmum Tue 29-Oct-19 19:29:51

I was talking to my health visitor about potty training this morning, my son is 18 months and I've started sitting him on it clothed to get him used to it, however she told me that he's far too young, and that even 2 is often too young, so maybe that is the case. I can't give you any practical advice as I've never been around children since I was a child myself (no family), just wanted to say this, and that from what I remember of my little brother it took a good couple of months to get the hang of it so don't despair after a week. Only you will know your son and if he is too young or not but if he is, just give it a month and try again. Good luck

MsChatterbox Wed 30-Oct-19 18:45:55

We seem to be making a little progress after getting a new potty that looks like a toilet and makes a sound when you flush. He sits on it saying wee wee! Then gets up and flushes it and says bye bye wee wee. But then he will go to a corner and pee on the floor instead! He can definitely control it because if I mention the potty he will stop straight away and only wee again when he's back to his corner. It seems like he knows exactly what he needs to do but is being a bit stubborn about it! He comes and tells me now when he needs a wee (as in stand by me looking concerned holding himself) so I say do you need a wee? Let's go to the potty. And he will say no! And then start weeing on the floor. This is day 3 and there is definite progress from day 1 as he seems to be a lot more conscious of the fact that he is peeing. I'm just really hoping someone will read this and tell me their LO did the same thing and it eventually clicked.

I also appreciate the two other replies here. I will try to remain chilled and try again in a few months if need be!

Sabr1na87 Mon 18-Nov-19 08:44:52

I am on my fourth week of potty training (I have stubborness issues) I tried bribes and stickers he just took them and ran my son who is 2 in Dec is finally getting it. I brought action figures and stuck them above my door frame in my bathroom, I remind him of this reward and ask him to try and go in the toilet and he does. Now this may not work for everyone but it's worth a go. I wish you luck and all the patience in the world.

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