Toddler having wee and poo accidents

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kanny123 Mon 14-Oct-19 17:42:10

Hi. My son is 3 years old and 6 months. I started to potty train him nearly 3 months ago. At first he was not interested and i had to take a break twice as he was not happy. Once i started again he was finally started going to toilet whenever i took him and now suddenly hes not interested again. He still doesn’t tell me when he needs the toilet its most guess work i look for cues and take him and even then he has accidents as he doesnt want to go when i want to take or he just says no when i ask him. When i do manage to take him it’s because he wants to brush his teeth again or just play with tap water amd doesnt use the toilet. I dont want to force him to sit on the toilet. Can any1 gve me any tips?? Throughout the day he is in his underwear and joggers. No nappies or pull ups during the day. He has started nursery first 2 weeks he had accidents but its been 1 week since he has been dry at nursery but as soon as he comes home i will ask him if he needs a wee he will refuse and after a bit he will wee in his pants and that will happen all day. I have tried stickers hes not interested. I have made him change his own clothes and clean the mess which he will happily do.
Any advise will b really appreciated.
Thank u

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