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Am I going about it the wrong way?

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username977943 Sun 13-Oct-19 12:45:52

Feeling like I really need to get my DD potty trained she is two and a half and most of her peers seemed to have at least started. Currently expecting DC2 and haven't been well hence why I have been putting it off.
We started this week and have only had one successful wee. She then got up and did a poo on the floor grin.
At the minute we are doing as a friend recommended to just take her nappy off for a couple of hours per day. As I'm pregnant and not very well I thought this sounded a good idea as I don't want to be cleaning up wee/poo all day. However do you think this could be confusing DD? As sometimes she has nappy on then next she's expected to use the potty?
She has now also started to say she is scared when sat on the potty and doesn't want to sit on it. We are obviously being very patient with her and reassuring her when she has an accident. So not sure why maybe she feels pressured as I ask her to sit on it every so often.
Would really appreciate some tips TIA!

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GlitterSparkle85 Sun 13-Oct-19 18:36:40

Google 3 day potty training it works wonders but be careful with yourself as its hard work but worth it! Good luck x

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