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2 year old potty training

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Gizmo8 Sun 13-Oct-19 10:24:07

Hi everyone just looking for guidance as really getting stressed out, started potty training DD yesterday she is 26 months old as was showing most signs and tbh I wanted her trained before next baby comes I'm 35 weeks pregnant atm. Anyway we started yesterday no wee or poo in the potty all day but did start telling me as she was weeing towards the second half of the day anyway she woke up at half 2 this morning and didn't go back to sleep until 5-6 ish. I changed her bum at about 5ish didn't think of it till then coz she has never woke for a change before. Anyway freaking out because just got her settled on a good sleep routine after year of nights wakings and feel I have messed everything up. Any advise

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Gizmo8 Sun 13-Oct-19 11:49:13

Forgot to add she will sit on the potty but not for long loves wearing her pants but will wee a little then I make her sit on the potty then she wants to get off and put pants on then will wee in the pants straight away!
Shall I just admit I've started too early and try again once the baby is settled in a routine and she is a bit older ?
I'm just worried I've messed up her sleep as took a while to get to where we are and was so happy that is came just before the baby is due.

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