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Holding poo

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Emmy5159 Wed 09-Oct-19 10:07:36

DS is 2.5 started potty training two weeks ago, he's doing amazing dry throughout the day and wearing pull ups at night but waking up dry.
Our problem is though he's terrified to do a poo on the potty and begs for a nappy. We have been managing and talking him onto the potty once he has been he's really happy and jumps up and down with excitement.
He's always struggled with his bowels he gets constipated quite often.
Since potty training we have noticed he isn't pooing everyday he's started to hold it which is affecting his eating. He pooed on the potty two days ago and there was blood in his poo?
I'm a bit worried and don't really know how to go on from this?

Also does using the toilet just come in time as he's also afraid of toilet and says he only likes potty?

Sorry about the super long thread.

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Yakadee Fri 11-Oct-19 09:52:04

@Emmy5159 - hi there. I'm in a similar (ish) situation. My son is into his 3rd week, pretty much zero wee accidents during the day (one every now and then when too busy playing etc) and dry at night 5 nights in a row. Our problem is defo poos!

We've had problems for months now with constipation and painful poos (although no blood) so he was terrified of going even when he was in nappies! We got lactose from the docs and he's been having that every day and he goes go every day, but it's usually in his pants as he just will not go on the potty / toilet.

The blood is probably because of a hard poo, but if you're concerned it wouldn't hurt to go to the docs.

As for using the toilet, I imagine it'll come in time. We started on the potty but he will go on the toilet too.

Not advice exactly but you're not alone. X

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