Potty training journey! Help

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MyParentingSolutions Tue 08-Oct-19 12:43:28

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Wavingwhiledrowning Mon 07-Oct-19 20:22:00

DS was like this, and DD is proving to be a similar struggle. With DD it appears to be because she is just rather awkward (sigh), but with DS we just paused for a bit and then tried again. I'd ask him very nonchalantly every few days if he wanted to try the potty again. Eventually he did, and we literally never had another leak or accident again.

FriedasCarLoad Mon 07-Oct-19 20:11:44

Maybe keep an eye on the clock and put him on the potty in a preemptive strike?!

FishandChippies Mon 07-Oct-19 10:26:06

Hi all

My little one is 2.8 months and has been in pants in the day for the last 12 weeks (pull ups at night) it’s been really up and down journey, also just to note I had a baby 13 weeks ago. DS loves his baby bro, and hasn’t really acted out too much on that front- nothing more than you would expect from a toddler! (I think)

Anyway with potty training, he’s had ups and downs. He Used to really not want to do a poo on the potty and although he still has his moments with poos, he tells me when it’s coming and he does them on the toilet/potty I would say 99% of the time.

Wees though are another story. I would say we still have to prompt 80% of the time for him to go, he sometimes has completely dry days but generally with me prompting and taking him. More recently he’s been wetting himself more where I’ve tried to leave it to him to get the feeling and tell me, so that’s probably normal for that process- a few times he’s weed himself and just not bothered to say, so has been happy in wet pants. Or he will say ‘wee wee’ But do half in his pants and then the rest on the potty. It just feels like he’s regressing with it, and I can’t help but get frustrated. His understanding is good and nursery say he’s ready but the wees are just proving tricky. He gets so distracted playing, I just don’t think he’s registering. And I don’t want to keep asking him as he gets annoyed.

Sorry it’s so long, has anyone had similar or have any tips for me? It’s been so long I don’t want to revert back to nappies. I would say he is wetting himself on average twice to three times on a bad day and once on a good day.

Thank you

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