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Potty training 22 month old boy

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Nicola1892 Thu 03-Oct-19 16:54:09

Our little boy has hated his nappy since he was about 18 months old, he strips down naked and takes it off so we decided to buy him a potty. He has been using it for 3 days and has been amazing, only had 4 accidents (2 in the garden thank goodness) but he’s so young I’m now wondering what to do when we go out etc. We have been putting a nappy on him at the moment but as he’s doing so well we obviously want to try and get him dry all day. Soo what tips do people have for when out? He speaks a little bit he’s not old enough to hold it in more than 20 seconds. Shall we keep him in nappies when out for a bit? Positive tips/advice appreciated, mean posts not 😊 mentally can’t handle reading mean posts anymore

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GlitterSparkle85 Thu 03-Oct-19 22:08:24

I did a very short journey from home(with big girl pants) and took a travel potty with us just incase made her go wee before we left anyway that way she learnt that means we're going out too wee first then straight out the door. Only had to use it handful of times but secluded places thank God!

PonderLand Thu 03-Oct-19 22:18:48

My son was 3 when we started but his speech and understanding isn't quite there yet so we were/are in a similar situation.

We bought a travel potty called potette and a reusable silicone liner it folds away into a little bag and it has been an absolute life saver. When we first started emerging into the outside world during toilet training we'd leave the house after a wee, put him in a pull up but also took him to the toilet whenever we passed one and let him try and go.

Once I felt he was holding it in longer we got rid of the nappy and he's done really well, no accidents away from the house yet. We tried to stick to places that had toilets or were remote enough to let ds wee behind a bush.

mizzles Sat 05-Oct-19 16:13:07

Another vote for the potette. Wouldn't go to the park without it. After a while it's easy to spot when they need to go. At this point don't worry if you need to prompt him a bit: it might take a while before he can consistently self-initiate or tell you he needs to go.

BTW brilliant work on getting to this point at his age!

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