2.5 yo boy

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MerryDeath Tue 24-Sep-19 14:22:39

he's excellent as long as he's got no bottoms on. he's ok with pants although only pokes his willy out of the side.. but as soon as we put trousers on him he's back to wetting himself. i think he's also, subconsciously or otherwise, 'saving' poos for when he's got a nappy on. how can we help him with the trouser issue? he's tricky because if we ask him if he needs to go he always says no and really only goes on the potty when completely left to his own devices so he doesn't really accept help!

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NoKnit Thu 26-Sep-19 20:53:59

He just can't do it yet. That isn't a problem as he is still little. Without clothes it is a different feeling so you can't really compare, he obviously has to do it with clothes on. I would just leave it for now and let him try again in few months (I should have done this with my oldest but instead went for patience and washing machine method - not good)

byefeliciabye Thu 26-Sep-19 21:01:26

I had the same problem with my little boy and I found that putting his trousers on without pants did the trick. I started with loose shorts (no pants) and then we went to joggers and then jeans (no pants). He still isn't wearing pants underneath his trousers but he isn't wetting himself so that's great! I think the sensation of the pants made him think he had a nappy on. Worth a shot😊

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