Could this be sleepwalking?

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Catworrier Sun 22-Sep-19 06:40:40

First time mum here.

So potty training is working well. We aren't having any consistent accidents anymore and even number twos are going well.

This morning my son walks into our room with no PJ bottoms on and has taken his pull up off.

Could this be sleep walking (he's goes for regular walks) or do you think perhaps he has had the urge to go to the toilet in the night and got in a pickle??

Has anyone been through the potty training experience and had the same issues?

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Catworrier Sun 22-Sep-19 09:20:45

Boost to get some replies

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Catworrier Mon 23-Sep-19 20:47:55


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hubbletelescope Mon 23-Sep-19 20:54:08


I can't help really my DD is not at the toilet training stage yet but didn't want your post to go unanswered.

Was your son awake when he walked in? And if so what did he say about where his bottoms were?

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