3.4 year old never tells us when he needs to go

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FurryGiraffe Wed 18-Sep-19 19:52:29

DS2 came late to potty training. I figured we'd wait till he seemed interested, but he never was so a bit before his 3rd birthday we tried and it was a disaster: refused point blank to wee on a toilet or a potty! Nursery pushed to try again at 3.2 and it went much better: happily goes for a wee on the potty and is usually dry overnight.

However, he never tells me he needs to go. He only ever goes when I ask/remind him and he appears to have a bladder of steel because that can be hours! I try not to remind him too often: I get that he needs to experience the sensation of a full bladder to understand when he needs to go. But yesterday for example I asked him to go when he got up, then mid morning before we went to the park (where there are no toilets!), then before we left to pick up DS1 from school and take him swimming (on the move for the best part of an hour before we get to the pool). He then didn't go until before bed.

Because he can hold so well he doesn't have that many accidents but he does have 2-3 a week. But he really doesn't seem to know when he needs to go. What do I do? He had an accident at nursery today and his keyworker said tomorrow perhaps she'd remind him every hour, but I really don't see what that will achieve in terms of getting him to recognise when he needs to go!

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