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Stubborn 2.5 year old, potty training

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Kittykat150 Tue 17-Sep-19 10:34:34

My daughter is refusing the potty in the day.
She will have a wee just before bed if the mood strikes her and that's only because she's stalling to go to bed.
I've tried pretty much all I can with her stickers, sweets you name it I've tried it.
I know she's ready but just won't go on it.
She's a very dramatic drama queen already - she knows how to play the system 😅
We went shopping to get her some new knickers and was very excited but won't even wear them!
I'm struggling with her just not sure what else to do.
We have potty stories that we read but she's not interested in them.
Any ideas would be great!

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NoKnit Sun 29-Sep-19 20:36:01

Refusing potty
Stickers and sweets as bribery not working
Won't wear knickers
All this and she is only 2.5

What exactly makes you think she is ready? Because I can't see one sign there and assume that just people/you/your inlaws or extended family think she should be training.

Anything wrong with waiting a few months?

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