Do I give up?

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Aintlifelikethat Mon 16-Sep-19 10:12:43

My DD is only 2 (24 months) but has been showing all of the signs of being ready to potty train for some time now. She hides when she does a poo so knows when she is going to do one, she tells me when she’s doing a wee, sits on the potty happily and understands wees and poos go in the potty/toilet. I am in absolutely no hurry to potty train her but feel I need to because for weeks she has been taking her nappy off in the house. She doesn’t do it out or at nursery but at home she’s a nightmare and ends up weeing and pooing on the floor all the time. I spend all my time trying to keep a nappy on her, I put one on, she takes all her clothes off and takes the nappy off, I put it all back on explaining to her why she needs it and we just keep going round in circles.

We made the decision to begin potty training her this weekend. Did all the getting big girl pants, explaining what we were doing etc. Started on Saturday morning. So far she has done (by fluke I think) one wee on the potty and the rest all round the house. She will sit on the potty for ages, stand up and 2 mins later wee. She hasn’t done a poo since Friday. I’ve been using a star reward chart for her sitting on the potty and when she did a wee but she just doesn’t seem to be able to do it. When she wees on the floor she says ‘oh no mummy, wee wee’ and we just say never mind, next time we need to go in the potty etc.

I know it hasn’t been long at all but I just don’t know if she is able to control her bladder at all yet. I’d happily stick with it but I’m worried she’s just not ready and it’s not fair on her. This am after another accident I said let’s go back into a nappy and she got so upset and said ‘no nappies, big girl pants’.

Help!! I don’t know whether to quit trying or stick with it???!

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notso Mon 16-Sep-19 10:24:55

I gave it a week with mine and if they hadn't started to show signs of getting it I went back to nappies for at least another month.

I know some people think you should never go back but the ones I know who have that mindset have months and months of accidents which for me seems hellish and not very pleasant for the child either.

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