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Potty training advice

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CharlieT85 Mon 19-Aug-19 14:36:11

Hi there

My son is almost 3. I have summer hols off so decided to attempt potty training while I had some time. He is starting nursery 5 morning a week in Sep and nursery have said it doesn't matter if he isn't dry. However, I thought this may be a good time to attempt as I am due baby number 2 in Jan.

So we took the nappy off and he soon got the concept of going for a wee in the potty. I was amazed. Very little accidents when he is naked from waist down. He has the urge he goes to the potty. Same now with poo. However as soon as I put a pair of pants on him we have lots of accidents. I guess because he sees this as like a nappy. He gets distressed even though I make no big deal about it he doesn't like me changing him when wet or dirty (hes always been like this witjh nappies)

When out and about we have tried to encourage him to come to the toiley with us. He has a fear of loud hand driers so it puts him off going in! I have a travel potty but he is reluctant to try it when out and gets absorbed in what hes doing. He becomes distressed when I encourage him and the last thing I want is to put him off, especially when hes doing well at home.

So I'm a little stuck on how to progress further. Any advice has anyone experienced anything similar?

Many thanks

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