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Pooing issues when potty training

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NatWhitAch Mon 15-Jul-19 20:59:55

Thank you for your suggestions. I have downloaded the app and my daughter is very excited about it. She still pooed when napping today though, but it might develop.
I have explained to her that from tomorrow we will use pull ups and she can decide whether she wees and poos in those or in the potty. I will wait and see what happens.

Any other suggestions from people are more than welcome! 😊

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lilyfire Sun 14-Jul-19 22:19:48

Try downloading Poo Goes to Pooland. It worked really well for my DS.

randomsabreuse Sun 14-Jul-19 22:19:36

Put her in pull up nappies so she can choose. My DD was similar so we just put her in pull ups for a month until she was happily pooing on the toilet. No pressure either way, just gave her the option. Has had about 5 wee accidents since training 18 months ago, mostly on the way to the toilet if delayed by an unexpected door en route or because she didn't want to stop playing!.

Accept it isn't the traditional route but worked for us.

NatWhitAch Sun 14-Jul-19 22:12:55

Hello there,

I have recently started potty training my daughter who is nearing 2.5 years.

She is doing so well and wees on the potty beautifully. However, with poos, we are not as successful. She is maybe pooing on the potty maybe twice a week and will poo at nap time or when she goes to bed.

The last two mornings we have woken to find she has absolutely filled her nappy with what we think must be stored up poos.

She has always done about 3 a day, so she was always an active pooer. I initially used a sticker chart and chocolate buttons to encourage a poo. Now I don’t make mention of it, I just told her today it’s nicer to poo in the potty or in the loo because otherwise she gets a sore bum.

Her poor bottom is so sore, as if she poos in the night she lays in it for hours. We also give her stickers and chocolate as a reward and we get very excited when she goes.

Does anyone have any advice? The other week I considered stopping potty training and trying to restarting again soon. But she kept asking for her nappy off so she could wee in the potty.

Any advice would be greatly received.

Many thanks 😊

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