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Part time potty training?

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user27495824 Tue 09-Jul-19 13:26:56

I've always felt the best way to potty train was to just go cold turkey on nappies (except for bedtime) as using pull ups etc would be too confusing. With my older two children I taught them the concept of the potty (by catching something in the potty and then cheering madly) and then once they knew what if was for and had used it a couple of times I waited for a convenient time to set aside a week to lose the nappies. This worked so well.

Dc3 I planned to do the same, introduced the potty a while ago but he's shown reluctance. He figured of out this weekend (saw his older sister use of while camping and has to copy everything she does). Today he's refused a nappy and had 4 successful wees on the potty so far, but we've got a holiday to go on on Friday and then another short break with lots of travelling and public transport and day trips booked shortly after. I really wanted to wait until those were out the way first. Has anyone done nappy free at home and nappies for out of the house? Is this a recipe for a long drawn out process or could it work out ok?

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OldIrishTERF Tue 09-Jul-19 13:33:44

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Blondiejay24 Tue 09-Jul-19 13:42:56

We’ve just potty trained, so it’s still fresh in my memory haha. My daughter is 2.8 months. She’s a smart girl, but very very stubborn. I knew she was ready, she understands exactly what the toilet it for and on occasion she’s climbed out the bath and asked to use the toilet, however we struggled to get her to use the potty in the day when wearing a nappy.

4 weeks ago we decided to give it a real go, so we scrapped the nappies all together in the day. Had a few days of repeated knicker wetting, and eventually she started to tell me when she needed a wee/poo. It was a bit nerve wrecking but when we went out and about shopping etc, decided to stick with it. No nappies to avoid confusion (she knows she can wee in a nappy so she will). We went to M&S one day and I was petrified she’d pee on a sofa or something lol. We were gone out a few hours but no accidents. We kept stopping for toilet breaks and she didn’t want to do anything. Then when we got home she instigated she needed the loo and used her potty.

I think if he’s largely got the hang of it, and is using the potty I would just go without nappies. If he has a wee routine, try and plan a toilet break around this when on the road. For instance, I’ve noticed my daughter doesn’t usually have a wee when she wakes as she’s usually got a wet nappy from the night so poss has an early morning wee before she wakes. Even after drinks she won’t usually ask to use the loo until 11, so if we were going out we all go to the loo and then usually she’ll wants to go too. That’s what I would do. It took 2 weeks of persistance and then she grasped it. We’ve had no accidents in 2 weeks. She travels fine now and will tell me with good notice when she needs the loo. So I would def say keep at it, as putting nappies on will just delay the process.

Good luck!

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