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Potty training and paddling pools

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Mrs198 Fri 05-Jul-19 12:35:57

I'm currently potty training my 2 and 3 old. On day 6 and both doing well now with minimal accidents. Would like to get the paddling pool out in this hot whether but worried that the water will stop them from noticing if they need a wee and will ultimately undo the progress they have made. Just after any advice from parents who have potty trained their children?

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Bourbonbiccy Fri 05-Jul-19 21:00:26

Well I have/am potty training and my son has tried a couple of times to wee in his paddling pool, hes not a bit discreet, he just stands up and starts to wee, I say no weeping in the pool he stops and then goes to his potty. It's the amazement at standing up weeing for my son, he loves it, but he gets it now that he can't do it.

Do your kids know now that they should do there wee in the potty? Are you prompting or have you handed it over to them to go themselves?

When I take our son swimming, it is now for him to tell me when he needs a wee ? Do you know their tell before they wee ?

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