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Not realising he needs a poo? Or not bothered?

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KTD27 Fri 21-Jun-19 19:01:30

Solidarity helps grin

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SparrowSG Fri 21-Jun-19 17:33:04

My DS is exactly the same, we've been at it for almost two months now and I can spot his poo face, but if I ask him if he needs to go he will still 9 times out of 10 say no! With no pants on it's much better, but as you say, not really practical.
I'm just riding it out now (after letting it stress me out for a couple of weeks), and waiting for the day when it will just click for him and he'll admit he's ok to stop what he's doing too poo smile
Sorry, no helpful advice there!

KTD27 Wed 19-Jun-19 15:39:42

Isn’t that the truth! I need to find an anti gravity potty then because his kid likes his bum in the air grin

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Haworthia Wed 19-Jun-19 15:28:35

Children can be exceedingly weird about pooing on potties/toilets and admitting that they need to go. Honestly not sure why, although part of it is they struggle to get use to pooing in a different position to usual.

KTD27 Wed 19-Jun-19 15:25:34

My 3yo (3 and 3mo) has been potty trained for wees since Feb. He took to it like a duck to water but poos have been slightly less consistent. We sort of had it but it’s occured to me we are only doing better as I encourage him to try and have a poo in the morning or because I catch him ‘in the act’
Today I caught him just before he had an accident (he adopts a particular position when he plays and I know it’s imminent) and asked him if he needed to go and he said no thanks. Took a look and yes he did.
It’s not that he doesn’t like going on the potty - he’s quite happy to try and is very proud of himself when he manages it. We have done reward charts and praise and he doesn’t have an issue with any of it except for the recognising that one’s on it’s way!
If he was pantless he would be 100% successful but not so practical.
Anything I’m missing?

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